Medieval Adventures in Melbourne

After being on hold for quite some time, I'm really happy to announce that my medieval project Carolina Moon is entering a new phase of life.

As from January 1st, I resumed my Doctoral studies and have just returned from Melbourne where I spent some days learning from and playing with (Prof) John Griffiths, a leading Australian medievalist, lutenist and vihuela player. It's the first time I've engaged with medieval performance style in a medieval context and we worked on some 13th and 15th century Spanish pieces. It was an absolutely brilliant experience and I can't wait to do it some more!

I'll be making some posts on FB if you'd like to follow my progress.

Wish me luck!

Creative Jazz Club on the Big Idea

Building Vibrancy into Auckland’s Live Music Scene

A fascinating read ....

Ben McNicoll talks about the founding of Auckland's Creative Jazz Club by Caro / Roger Manins and Mark Robinson, his involvement and joining of the team, and how they have contributed to the growth of Auckland's live music scene.


As Far As the Ear Can Hear

I'm thrilled to be involved in As Far As the Ear Can Hear - a creative project of Chinmaya Dunster, performing the 'Mystic Poets Cycles'. 

The project brings together a fusion of players which includes Chinmaya - sarod, guitar, poetry and vocal, Auckland's the Grateful Dads rhythm section, and augmented by myself Carolina Moon on vocals, and Basant Madhur on tabla. Nigel Gavin's Gitbox Rebellion opens the show.

Seating is very specific as there is a 'surround sound' experience.

Doors open at 7pm and doors will be .locked at 7.30pm

Chinmaya Dunster - sarod, guitar, poetry and vocal
Oliver Kraft - guitar
Rob Mita - guitar
Tomislav Skulic  - bass guitar
Yair Katz - drums
Basant Madhur - tabla
Carolina Moon - vocals
Nigel Gavin and the Gitbox Rebellion


Benny Lackner & Caro Manins - Palau /The Raw Men (Rory Habibi)

Benny Lackner's "Palau" takes on a new life with Caro Manins' setting of The Raw Men, a poem by Rory Habibi in tribute to the Maori Battalion WWII

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