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Flounder - Wanganui Jazz Club

Roger Manins: Sax

John Rae: Drums

Patric Bleakley: Bass

Caroline Manins: Vocals

Flounder features Saxophonist Roger Manins, Vocalist Caroline Manins, Pianist Ben Wilcock, Bassist Patrick Bleakley and not at all least JOHN RAE on drums and cymbals

 Flounder: Our sole aim is to have a bit of fun and a laugh, to be happy and make you happy. We don’t take it too seriously- life is too short (especially for a flounder) and when you’ve got a sideways mouth and  ‘your eyes on the right side of the face’ things look a bit different. So,expect some fishy interpretations of some good old swinging standards (and a few originals) played by the band who even when down they are always looking up.

Press Quotes: 

"A berley bomb for the ears'
“They’ve got  eyes on the right side of their face.” 
“Even when down they are always looking up.” 
“A ground baiting performance.”