The Confluence of Ways

Between Now and Then

a new project

contemporary and ancient sources in an exploratory journey of sound.

The Confluence of Ways is a group of musicians from around the globe combining their unique musical languages into a collage of textures, where East meets West and where diverse medieval and traditional musical influences meet in a contemporary listening and performance space.

Ambient, Middle Eastern and contemporary ECM jazz influences combine in a synthesis of earth, sky, emotion, beauty, and heartfelt music that is unique and different.



Caro Manins (UK/NZ) - vocal

              Rasoul Abbasi (Iran) - kamanche

                            Alan Brown - piano / keys

                                            Kathleen Tomacruz - cello

Cameron McArthur / Denholm Orr - double bass

Ron Samsom - drumset / percussion

GUESTS: Dave Wilson (U.S.) - woodwinds

a universe of cultural richness as deep as the time that it engendered
— Les Nouvelles Caledonies

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 "I feel it represents me, as someone of many races. It's magic! Maea n'est qu'enthousiasme : « Ça me représente moi, qui suis un grand métis. C'est magique !


This music is very, very beautiful and sensual as she promised…. She knows also, how to flood the theatre in Boulari in spirituality". Cette musique très très belle, sensuelle….. Elle sait aussi plonger la salle de Boulari dans la spiritualité. 

Les Nouvelles Caledonies The New Caledonian