Teaching Studio

If you're interested in exploring your singing voice, please get in touch.

I run a private studio teaching one on one, and run my own courses in singing and singer education. I love working with people to help them find their way and consider it a privilege to be part of the process. I take beginners to advanced students, the level being less important than the commitment you have to your development.

I'm a specialist jazz teacher / coach, and contemporary technical teacher and have taught singing technique, performance, jazz and scat for Academia and Community in London, Sydney and New Zealand,  I teach for the University of Auckland where I've been for the past 7 years.

Artist Touring 

Carolina Moon 2011 - New Zealand

Benny Lackner (Germany)  2014, 2015 - New Zealand, Australia

Festival Curation & Stage Management

Through my role at Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa (CJC), I have curated stages and events at Hamilton Gardens Festival & Tauranga Jazz Festival. 

CJC Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa

CJC Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa is an artist-led initiative, to promote original and contemporary jazz through a weekly concert series, Wednesday nights, at 1885 Britomart, in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. 

CJC has been running, weekly, since 2008.

Caro founded the event, which she runs alongside Roger Manins, and Ben McNicoll. 


Photography by Ben McNicoll